क्या आप Trainer और Motivational Speaker या Life Coach बन कर अपनी Dream Life जीना चाहते है? और इस Industry के Success का सीक्रेट जानना चाहते है?

आइये जुड़िये हमारे "Train The Trainer 2.0" Program के साथ और पाईये ज़िंदगी भर का साथ....

“About Coach Mahendrasinh Rajput”

In the last 15 years, he has touched, inspired and changed life of over 1 million people through his motivational and training programs. He has conducted more than 1000 seminars and 100 workshops. He provides wide range of training services from corporate training to personal training. He is known among his customers for his grit towards them. His passion, energy and coaching style instantly wins the hearts of his audience, and help them to master the game of success and transformation.

What you will learn from Coach MS Rajput?

♛  Everything About Training Industry

♛  Design a Perfect Signature Speech that is all your own Using Our Prooven Framework

♛  Learn how to grab audience’s attention by putting what’s most important in front of their eyes

♛  How to get Rid of Stage Fear with our Unique Hacks & Rituals

♛  Learn how to pitch, persuade, entertain, educate and close deals so that you can get booked

♛  How Highly Paid Trainers Deliver A Premium Content ?

♛  Workshop / Seminars / Course / Webinars Development

♛  How To package Your Programmes Effectively?

♛  How To Make Strong Business & Sales Funnel?

♛  Exclusive Social Media Marketing Strategies For Reaching To The Premium Clients
And Many More…


Why should become a trainer?

  • Who is Trainer?
  • Why this is the Best Time
  • How to become a Successful Trainer?

Why choosing right Niche is important ?

  • Understanding Market Needs
  • What people are searching?
  • Right Topic for you

Why Content is the KING?

  • Why content is most important?
  • Selecting Right Name, USP & Tagline
  • Finding & Connecting your Purpose

Become Stage Superstar

  • Be a Fluent & Fearless Speaker
  • How to make Charismatic First Impression
  • Story Telling Techniques

Social Media & Marketing Strategy

  • Most Engaging Content Creation
  • How to make your video go viral?
  • Generate income from Social Media

Give Effective Training

  • Selecting Right Duration, Medium & Cost of Training
  • Creating Series of Programs
  • Creating Course Bundles

Create a Great Selling Funnel

  • Create & Run a Best Sales Funnel for Great Results
  • Appealing Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page Content Structure
  • Setting up Automations

& Lot More to Learn....

Why "Train The Trainer 2.0" ?

♛ Join Most Noble & Highest Paid Profession

♛ Join best & Most effective Train The Trainer Workshop

♛ Convert your Signature into Autograph

♛ Learn Top Secrets of Training Industry & be more Successful.


Speakers / Anchors / Consultant / Corporate trainers

Experienced coaches / Managers / Leaders

Anybody who wants to make a transition from trainer to master trainer

HR professionals with training expertise

Entrepreneurs / CEO / Founders who want to develop skill expertise

Senior facilitators and change agents in the organization

And anybody wanting to fine-tune his/her public speaking skills




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Train The Trainer 2.0

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